Monday, 17 May 2010

Stop Your Macbook Fan from Spinning!

Macbook, especially the earlier models, has a fatal flaw - it is just too hot! If you experience the problem where your macbook fan starts to spin crazily especially when running just a little bit of flash application, hopefully this article will help. Especially if you are a fan of youtube!

Most websites are full of flash application, especially the top banners or side banners. Even if your macbook is running a supposedly decent html content page, your machine will be extremely noisy in no time due to all the other flash "junks" around the body of your web page.

A simple solution is to use flash-blocking application for your browser, such as ClickToFlash for your Safari browser. ClickToFlash is my favourite plug-in amongst all, because if you really want to see flash app, you still can click on it to run the application.

Blocked Flash App in Safari

Un-Blocked Flash App in Safari, with just a mouse click!

This way, you have complete control over the flash application and you can decide exactly which flash application to load! When browsing normal websites, this stops 90% of all the noise problem I have with Macbook!!

But wait - what if you are a fan of YouTube? Although you it is blocked, you would still need to see it right? Yes, if you choose to click on the YouTube clip, flash will run, and your Macbook fan will go crazy. What do you do? This is where HTML5 comes in ! All you need to do is to type in the following URL to retrieve HTML5 video!

That URL will lead you to an experimental page for YouTube, but it has almost all the video that you need! You will see the following page:

Search as usual, and watch to your content all the YouTube clips that you want without the Macbook noise in the way!!

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